now connected

Today, they installed the internet at my place. I won't have to go out anymore to coffee shops with erratic internet access just to work and download large files. I don't have to go to coffee shops or friend's places just to update the apps of my phone and my computer. I can now work…Read more now connected


I've been trying to get two different possible ISPs for my apartment. I didn't want to go with the regular options and I've been waiting but the customer service of these two other options -- Eastern Telecommunications and Converge ICT -- are bogged down by other calls. I think it's a good sign that their…Read more options

And how is this not bullying?

I'm currently on a Twitter discussion with some friends who agree with me that this certain fan fiction that's going crazy and out of hand on Twitter. Apparently, some people thought it would be funny to make fan fiction "slasher" tweets about the male children of the presidential candidates. It has picked up steam, it…Read more And how is this not bullying?