The Last Two Days

This trip is at an end. Sab's concert was an eye-opener for me. It opened up my heart into all the possibilities that I never quite imagined for myself since I was just so afraid of putting myself out there, really out there, and I was probably just so afraid of the rejection. And the…Read more The Last Two Days

Taking Flight

Last night, I saw Sab Jose take flight. I met Sab during No Filter. She's partners with Toff in The Sandbox Collective and when we were working on No Filter, she handled all the marketing and PR and she was the assistant director and acting coach for the play. We got close, of course, like…Read more Taking Flight

Another August Gone

And just like that, August is done. Tomorrow, September will rear its head and we'll start hearing Christmas songs in the malls and taxi cab radios. There will be a certain bite to the wind and a sudden feeling of urgency begins to make itself felt. I will know no such thing, though. Halfway through…Read more Another August Gone

Where Do I Begin (Chemical Brothers featuring Beth Orton)

Last day in Lisbon and I'll be flying back to Manila and back to regular life and I cannot come back the same person and I cannot come back to what I was before. I have so many ideas in my head now and so many interesting things and plans and projects to sink my…Read more Where Do I Begin (Chemical Brothers featuring Beth Orton)