Last Sunday, I went to Enchanted Kingdom with two of my brothers and my cousins and their kids. We were pretty much a huge group and of two generations -- one really young and one middle aged. I wasn't planning on going because I have so much work but my brother insisted and he told…Read more rollercoasters

Full Moon Honesty

Last night, I hung out with Jam Pascual, an incredible writer who I had the absolute privilege to work with during No Filter. We were both head writers for the play and we, together with Toff De Venecia, went over all the submitted pieces and edited them and that includes his work as well, and…Read more Full Moon Honesty

getting to know myself

I've been struggling with a lot of insecurities lately. I was hit by tons and tons of self-doubt and I started second guessing myself and the direction to which my life is going to. I guess that's normal, but I'm the kind of person who takes it just a tad too far, methinks. I was quite…Read more getting to know myself

the Wallflower blooms

So I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower yesterday and I was thrown for a loop. I was not expecting that. How could that book pass me by? It was written in 1999 and yet I haven't heard a thing about it. I agree with my Dad, though, I would never have bought a book…Read more the Wallflower blooms