‘RD3RD’ is a frightening wake-up call (Inquirer Lifestyle)

And I've come full circle and have returned to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, writing for the theater section, this time, rather than the Super section where I first started contributing to newspapers on a regular basis. My first review for the section is on the play RD3RD, which is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III. Read my…Read more ‘RD3RD’ is a frightening wake-up call (Inquirer Lifestyle)


on the day

So exactly a week ago, last Friday, I scheduled my fistula operation. After my first failed fistula operation early this year, I was planning to go overboard with protecting my arm to ensure that this fistula would mature. I was planning on not moving around for two weeks to guarantee that nothing would go wrong.…Read more on the day

and more on the ART/ARV shortage in the Philippines

I first wrote about all of this in the previous post: Calling Dr. Ona and the DOH regarding ARV delays. Since the letter of Pozzie Pinoy erupted and had been passed around on the Internet, apparently, the DOH has responded and had this to say (taken from the Twitter of Ryan Edward Chua): What gets to…Read more and more on the ART/ARV shortage in the Philippines

hold the pork

Just as I posted my previous blog entry, Priority Assistance Development Fund: What Assistance? What Priority?, I saw an article posted on my Facebook feed an article by Rappler that says PNoy puts release of pork on hold until probe ends. I suppose I should be happy because that's what I was asking, but not…Read more hold the pork

Heads Better Roll

The Philippine government has failed the country. I'm not particularly adept at talking about politics. I only became politically conscious later on in my late twenties. I was trying too hard to be an artist and left the political arena to the ones who are better suited to the task. I just paid my taxes…Read more Heads Better Roll

I have a new headshot — as HIV positive

**This is the first article I ever wrote about finding out I was HIV positive. This was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Super Section last December 5, 2008. The online version can be found here. This was five days after I had come out public with my HIV status and three months after discovering…Read more I have a new headshot — as HIV positive