It might be over soon

I woke up today with this article (and similar ones to this all over my FB newsfeed): HIV cure close after disease 'vanishes' from blood of British man (link / Telegraph) I was overwhelmed. I didn't actually believe that I would be alive to see the cure for HIV. I didn't think it was going…Read more It might be over soon


Better People

Okay, this is going to be a long one. And I'm going to try to stay calm. This is going to be about HIV. A few days ago, I got a message from someone I had met a long while back through Grindr when I still had Grindr. We never met up but we used…Read more Better People

World AIDS Day 2013

This day marks, sort of, my second birthday. My first birthday is my actual birthday. I consider this, it's a personal thing, to be my second birthday because this is the day that I was reborn -- I went public with my HIV status and somehow got reborn into this new person. I became an…Read more World AIDS Day 2013

HIV/AIDS Infections: Still Alarming (Manila Standard Today)

Here is a very good article from Manila Standard Today. Written by Bong Austero, he does an exacting break down of our faults on why there is a rise of HIV infections in the country. The article, HIV/AIDS Infections: Still Alarming makes some very precise cuts into whatever justifications we may have as to why…Read more HIV/AIDS Infections: Still Alarming (Manila Standard Today)

a salve, not a solution

I read this article that came out in the Philippine Star a few days ago. It's about Truvada, a new drug that helps treat HIV infection but seems to have uses as an HIV prevention pill. It means that people with HIV who take Truvada will have even less chances of infecting others and healthy…Read more a salve, not a solution