22 (first revision)

So I've decided to work on one of my old pieces on my blog. Reading Sound and Sense by Lawrence Perrine has uncovered so many things about poetry that I learned back in college but had forgotten along the way. Most notably, I've realized I editorialize my work too much. I always have a line…Read more 22 (first revision)

the thing about lines

So I saw this old Tweet of mine from last year on TimeHop.   And it is a strange coincidence that a year later, these are words I needed to hear. It's like a gift from the past, reaching out to my present self to remind me that I've been through this path before and…Read more the thing about lines

my first reaction to “the news”

I was going through my old Facebook posts, as far back as 2008, and found this post. ┬áThis was during the days before you could like posts and there were no comments section so people posted their replies on your walls. I see so much posts there from friends and I don't know what they…Read more my first reaction to “the news”

CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)

So, the CoKid foundation put up a segment of my talk at the CoKid Talks: Reading Revolution in The Power of Poetry. It's the second half of the talk already and I'm flailing, by this time. I feel like I was stronger and more clear and more articulate at the beginning of the talk. By…Read more CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)