Blogging Hiatus

This might be my last post for awhile. Tomorrow, I'll be undergoing a medical procedure. This will be my fifth medical operation, my fifth in my whole life, and to think that I had my first medical operation just last year when I had a temporary catheter attached to my neck. This operation is for…Read more Blogging Hiatus



I got discharged from the hospital this morning. I actually brought my laptop because I was thinking of using the time in the hospital to work but because of my condition (potassium deficiency), I had minimal use of my extremities. Moving around was difficult and painful. Very painful. And later in the evening of my…Read more discharged

“Wangs, do you think you were cursed?”

This is a funny story about one of my good, good friends, Kate. I just remembered this story an hour and a half ago when my Mom and I were talking over breakfast. The story somehow fit our conversation so I decided to tell her and we both burst out laughing at the end of…Read more “Wangs, do you think you were cursed?”