Bacolod for the weekend

I arrived last Friday because I was invited to give a talk on screenwriting at the Negros Museum for the FDCP. The FDCP sponsored my trip back home and I asked to stay for the weekend to be with my parents but at the same time, it was a chance for me to get myself…Read more Bacolod for the weekend


busy is good

My mantra has always been, since as far back as 2004 when I first became a freelancer, "busy is good." As a freelancer, I don't have the security that a paycheck is coming at a specific time. I just have to work and keep working so I know the finances comes in faster than it…Read more busy is good

Sacred Spaces

These are sacred spaces, and I have not lived here long. I took over from this place's former residents and consecrated it with my own rituals and ceremonies and whispered my secrets on the walls and on the floor and in the dark corners which the sunshine has trouble finding.   It looks like an…Read more Sacred Spaces

keeping in touch

I have family and friends scattered all over the world and I would like to think I do pretty good job in keeping in touch with them through apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype and through various social media like Instagram and Facebook. As I got older, I discovered that friendship is not about proximity…Read more keeping in touch