while I was out

So the regular power failures finally blew out some of our electronics here at home, including our modem so I haven't been able to connect to the Internet for a few days and while the disconnection was a fresh welcome (though I was connected through spotty 3G/LTE on my phone and data plan), it meant…Read more while I was out


Keeping in Touch

So, the Easter holidays is upon us and everything is at a standstill here in Manila. Nothing is moving except the revellers at the beach or wherever they escaped to during this long holiday without work. I stayed home. I thought I was going to have work but everything was moved until Saturday so I…Read more Keeping in Touch


Summer is really here now. Surprisingly, we had a bit of typhoon weather last week and there were mini-tornadoes seen circling along the streets. It was quite frightening. It was a totally different experience from typhoon Milenyo a few years back. I was at the fifteenth floor of a condominium and we were buffeted by…Read more beached