World AIDS Day — 30 year anniversary (Project Headshot Clinic and The Red Whistle)

It's sort of like clockwork for me now, I guess, to write something on this day. For ten years now, I've been celebrating World AIDS Day making as much noise online as possible.¬† I mean, after all, I am a person living with HIV. I have been told by a doctor that I had AIDS…Read more World AIDS Day — 30 year anniversary (Project Headshot Clinic and The Red Whistle)


Move Together (The Red Whistle)

My good friend (and the person who got me into the advocacy in the first place), Niccolo Cosme, wrote and directed a collaboration with some of the country's best contemporary dancers, choreographer Novy Bereber, and the singer Andra Day and her song¬†Rise Up for a dance video with the hopes of sending out a message…Read more Move Together (The Red Whistle)

Project Headshot Clinic X

I'm one with the millions of people all over the world in the fight against HIV and AIDS. My advocacy began with the Headshot Clinic and with Niccolo Cosme. Ten years ago, he shifted Project Headshot Clinic's message for HIV awareness and prevention and it marks the year that I became public with my HIV…Read more Project Headshot Clinic X

nine years ago, today

Every year, on this day, I write about having been diagnosed with HIV. It happened nine years ago today. I got a call from the clinic telling me to come over to receive the results of my HIV test in person. I didn't know about the procedure back then. I complained about having to go…Read more nine years ago, today

of eyes and teeth

Yesterday, I was finally able to go to the dentist. It's been about six years, maybe, since I've last gone to the dentist. It was to remove the last set of impacted wisdom teeth that I had. This was a year after my hospitalization for meningitis. I had just survived my second bout with the…Read more of eyes and teeth

Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH

I was hanging out at Pineapple Lab a few weeks ago when I was introduced to someone who was happy to meet me. Apparently, she has heard of me and what I've done. Her name was Ross and she asked if I could speak at Social Media Day, a completely volunteer, non-profit event that brings…Read more Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH