The Price of Intimacy (Out Magazine)

I just read this article from Out Magazine called The Price of Intimacy: The Time I Hired a Sex Worker by Andrew Gurza. It was quite powerful. It sort of framed the notion of intimacy in such a way that wasn't shameful, the way we are programmed to think it is because of all the…Read more The Price of Intimacy (Out Magazine)

#HelloPoz As a PLHIV, what do you want people to know about you?

So I saw this today on my Twitter feed after I was tagged on this post (I didn't know you could tag on Tweets now) and I'm guessing they wanted me to answer the question. Well, the truth is, I have so many answers for this question. It's not a simple one or two sentence…Read more #HelloPoz As a PLHIV, what do you want people to know about you?

Seven years today

At around this time, exactly seven years ago, I got a call from the clinic telling me my lab results from my HIV test had just come in and I had to go there to receive the news. That was exactly seven years ago, August 26, 2008. I consider sort of like my first death…Read more Seven years today

self-imposed sick leave

As a freelancer, I don't have a regular schedule. I set up meetings with clients and collaborators and I try my best to spread them out so that I don't have multiple meetings in one day, if possible. I try to take it easy so that I don't put unnecessary stress on my body and…Read more self-imposed sick leave


I got an e-mail yesterday from my doctor telling me that my lab results have come in. Your routine labs are acceptable. Your CD4 is 526 (21.76%) from previous of 498 (18.4%) done last July. Congratulations, good job. It's the first time since I've been diagnosed with HIV in 2008 that my CD4 is above…Read more 526

allow me this moment of weakness

I'm heading out to another wedding today. This time, it's for a couple who I'm very close to and I'm so happy to see them tying the knot and making their union official to friends and family in the rituals that are sacred to them and their family. I honestly don't know how I feel…Read more allow me this moment of weakness

my first reaction to “the news”

I was going through my old Facebook posts, as far back as 2008, and found this post. ┬áThis was during the days before you could like posts and there were no comments section so people posted their replies on your walls. I see so much posts there from friends and I don't know what they…Read more my first reaction to “the news”