nine months

And, hopefully for the last time, the bandage came off. I had my procedure seven days ago to remove my permanent catheter. I hadn't needed dialysis for over four months now and my lab results have shown that my numbers have stabilized. At this point, the permanent catheter was becoming more of a liability than…Read more nine months


The removal of the permanent catheter took less than an hour. My mom and I spent more time waiting for the bill than the whole procedure. I didn't go under, just used local anaesthesia, which made things very eerie and macabre. Dr. Achurra was talking to me the whole time, asking me if I felt…Read more im[patient]

High/Low (contra rant)

I feel mental, like I'm going insane or something with such drastic mood shifts. The last entry I have is about how angry I am at myself and how it's so hard for me to find any silver lining in this dark cloud situation that I have put myself in. I was angry and depressed…Read more High/Low (contra rant)

This Is Not a Vacation

I am here to rest, get stronger, and get better but this is not a vacation. My parents, worried about my health, has insisted they take over my social responsibilities -- paying for the food on my table, the roof over my head, my medical costs -- just so that I can get back on…Read more This Is Not a Vacation

post World AIDS Day thoughts

I wasn't able to write anything new for World AIDS Day yesterday because... you know what? I don't know why I couldn't. It's weird to have to write about World AIDS Day when you aren't at the front lines anymore. Usually, I'd have a few events already scheduled and I've been doing extra research and…Read more post World AIDS Day thoughts