Project Headshot Clinic X

I'm one with the millions of people all over the world in the fight against HIV and AIDS. My advocacy began with the Headshot Clinic and with Niccolo Cosme. Ten years ago, he shifted Project Headshot Clinic's message for HIV awareness and prevention and it marks the year that I became public with my HIV…Read more Project Headshot Clinic X

We can end AIDS together

It's World AIDS Day today. This my ninth year to celebrate World AIDS Day as a person living with HIV. In the Philippines, the HIV situation is considered an epidemic and recently it has been touted as a "youth epidemic" with the most-at-risk and most vulnerable sector of society are young men and women ages…Read more We can end AIDS together

The Road to World AIDS Day 2016

I came to Manila to help launch Niccolo Cosme's upcoming projects leading up to World AIDS Day 2016. Niccolo Cosme's annual Headshot Clinic for World AIDS Day would be making its 8th year and that is a very special event in my life as it marks my personal coming out as a person living with…Read more The Road to World AIDS Day 2016

World AIDS Day 2014 (six years and counting)

This is my sixth World AIDS Day since I discovered my HIV status. It was on this day, for Niccolo Cosme's HIV awareness exhibit, six years ago, that I went on television and admitted to my condition. Six years and counting. I'm still alive and I'm stronger than ever. This year, Niccolo Cosme continues what…Read more World AIDS Day 2014 (six years and counting)

when I become relevant

It's just a couple of weeks left before we arrive at December 1, World AIDS Day. This time of the year, I get really busy because I get invited for any sort of HIV awareness activity that comes into play. They find it highly advantageous to invite me to some speaking engagement because, after all,…Read more when I become relevant

Headshot Clinic Unite 2013 #HSCUnite2013

And for the sixth straight year, internationally acclaimed photographer Niccolo Cosme returns with the Headshot Clinic. This time, he brings back the call to action Unite for this instalment of his annual HIV awareness photo exhibit where the gallery is all our social media platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc. This is a pivotal…Read more Headshot Clinic Unite 2013 #HSCUnite2013

fighting the good fight

Today was my first day at the Senate. I've never been, really, and I was quite intimidated by it. It was for an HIV and AIDS forum put together by the PLCPD and senator Pia Cayetano. So I put on my leather shoes (which I don't like doing) and a tie (which I like doing)…Read more fighting the good fight