There are twists and turns and something left over in the stories that we've woven about each other that night when we drank a half bottle of wine more than we usually do and, sprawled all over the carpet, our bodies almost touching, the distance between our skin was filled with static electricity waiting to…Read more Restraint

Catch The Normal Heart this weekend at RCBC

Yesterday was an "HIV day" for me. In the morning, I went to the CCP to talk with some artists for an upcoming group exhibit on the virus (I was horrendously late, though, but made it in time to still speak with them) and then, in the evening, I went to RCBC to watch The…Read more Catch The Normal Heart this weekend at RCBC

This Heavy Load

The sky is falling and the earth is splitting and we will fall into the chasms created by the ground tearing apart at its seams.   There's nothing to inhale now -- only black smoke and guilt and regret and that never leaves the lungs and we cannot take a breath to scream.   And…Read more This Heavy Load