I haven't been going out at all these past few weeks. It's probably even been a whole month that I've just been going straight home after work and just staying home, even on the weekends. I just haven't been in the mood to go out. I just seem to prefer to stay home to work,…Read more homebody

yesterday was a good day

I woke up yesterday coming from a particularly busy but very pleasant Friday. I had traveled all the way to San Juan to visit my dad and my brother, who are here from Bacolod for the weekend. Yesterday was the only day they had that was free to hang out with Datu and I because…Read more yesterday was a good day

why I haven’t posted anything lately

I got busy and the Internet has been wonky. I'd love to blame it on Mercury being in Retrograde but it wasn't. It's just plain ol' Bacolod Internet and the lack of provincial infrastructure brought upon by a government that has only really taken care of Manila and left everybody else to rot. The country…Read more why I haven’t posted anything lately

partying ’til the sun comes out

I left the house at around 2am on New Year's Day. I had spent the turn of the year in my brother's house with my brothers and the moment the fireworks and the firecrackers had died down, we said our goodbyes and greeted each other our happy wishes and I drove home with my other…Read more partying ’til the sun comes out

a different side of Manila

Lately, I've been seeing a very different side of Manila and I'm so happy about it. Now that I'm older, "the scene" has gotten boring. Well, to me, anyway. It's just not my thing anymore and I don't navigate through that territory as well as I used to. I am a social creature and I…Read more a different side of Manila