Pipe Dream (cryptic post)

I've been riding the wave of someone else's pipe dream for awhile now. This person has ambitions and great big plans and I know this person has their heart in the right place, and their intention is good, but the world has changed around them and it's just going to be that now: a pipe…Read more Pipe Dream (cryptic post)


nine months

And, hopefully for the last time, the bandage came off. I had my procedure seven days ago to remove my permanent catheter. I hadn't needed dialysis for over four months now and my lab results have shown that my numbers have stabilized. At this point, the permanent catheter was becoming more of a liability than…Read more nine months

World AIDS Day 2014 (six years and counting)

This is my sixth World AIDS Day since I discovered my HIV status. It was on this day, for Niccolo Cosme's HIV awareness exhibit, six years ago, that I went on television and admitted to my condition. Six years and counting. I'm still alive and I'm stronger than ever. This year, Niccolo Cosme continues what…Read more World AIDS Day 2014 (six years and counting)