Bigkas Pilipinas on Radio Inquirer — July 28, 11pm

So this is happening... I think I've said it before. I really like radio. This is going to be fun. And Franz and Ginny are good friends and, of course, there's Kooky. July 28, 11pm on Radio Inquirer. Tune in, if you're so inclined.


I’m on an album that’s available on Spotify

Last June 22, the Bigkas Pilipinas album was made available on Spotify and I have a track on it where I read my poem The Lamentation Suite. I'm on an album. How did that happen? It has always been my dream to have an album -- a musical one, though -- but I never thought it would…Read more I’m on an album that’s available on Spotify

These Spaces — Wanggo performing “Primitive”

Last night, I was at the White Wall Poetry event These Spaces at Sev's Cafe for Fringe Manila and I am so thankful that they took a video of my performance (Thank you, Franz Pantaleon!). Here's me, reading my poem Primitive (or Love in the Time of Mobile Internet and Grindr): *** Primitive (or Love in…Read more These Spaces — Wanggo performing “Primitive”

defining THESE SPACES (Fringe Manila)

Fringe Manila is happening and there will be over 90 artists, groups, and companies performing over 300 shows in venues scattered all around Manila for the 2015 Fringe Festival. It's going to be crazy and having to choose between all the possibilities is going to be exhausting. But I'll do it. A lot of great companies…Read more defining THESE SPACES (Fringe Manila)