back to basics

I'm currently listening to Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 in E Flat major, Op. 73 "Emperor": I. Allegro as conducted by Alfred Brendel with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Bernard Haitink. It just seemed appropriate after what just transpired only a few minutes ago as I'm typing this. As I've mentioned in a previous post…Read more back to basics

CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)

So, the CoKid foundation put up a segment of my talk at the CoKid Talks: Reading Revolution in The Power of Poetry. It's the second half of the talk already and I'm flailing, by this time. I feel like I was stronger and more clear and more articulate at the beginning of the talk. By…Read more CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)

off the press

I was all written-out, to be honest, hence the lack of any real update. It has been a bit harrowing. I sort of became this monster on the release of Sonata, constantly searching for any kind of affirmation that the work we did would be appreciated. And it was, and it wasn't enough. It wasn't…Read more off the press