a stranger called me awesome last night

I stayed home all of Thursday because I was fighting the flu. I rarely get it but when it comes, I'm already aware of it and I know exactly what to do. I stay home, I stay in bed, I eat and drink a lot of water, and I cover myself up and let my…Read more a stranger called me awesome last night

delinquent / recovery

So that bout with the flu took me out of the ring for quite a bit of time. The worst is over, I think, the coast is clear and I'm out at sea again and ready to hustle. But I'm going to take it easy. I was practically in bed for three days straight, not…Read more delinquent / recovery

self-imposed sick leave

As a freelancer, I don't have a regular schedule. I set up meetings with clients and collaborators and I try my best to spread them out so that I don't have multiple meetings in one day, if possible. I try to take it easy so that I don't put unnecessary stress on my body and…Read more self-imposed sick leave