Sky Full of Song (new song from Florence + the Machine)

Florence + the Machine has put out a new song and I absolutely love it. Sky Full of Song isn't as dense as the songs from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful but it has all the things I love from Florence + the Machine -- gorgeous lyrics, powerful vocals, and an engaging melody with very intricate…Read more Sky Full of Song (new song from Florence + the Machine)

Happy International Poetry Day (2016)

Happy International Poetry Day! Instead of posting a poem, which I do all the time, I've decided to turn to the music world for a gift. When I realised it was International Poetry Day, the first song I thought of was All This and Heaven Too by Florence + the Machine. For me, this song…Read more Happy International Poetry Day (2016)

seeing Stars on February

2013 has just begun but I am already getting things marked in my calendar. Flying to Iloilo on the 8th of January to give a talk on living with HIV to some nursing students and then, the next day, will be taking the ferry back to Bacolod to hang out with my mom. My friend…Read more seeing Stars on February

back from the Lion City

I had forgotten how much I love traveling. I had forgotten how much I enjoy seeing the world. The last time I remember leaving the country was in February 2010, to go to Singapore to catch The XX and Florence + the Machine and their concert at the Esplanade. That's almost three years ago, if…Read more back from the Lion City

what the water will give to many

Of course, I immediately thought of the Florence + the Machine song, What the Water Gave Me. But as much as I love Florence + the Machine, this is not about music. It's about changing lives. It's about using whatever means are at your disposal to make a difference. It's about having fun, testing your…Read more what the water will give to many