Act IV and V

I was up until 4am early this morning working on the final draft of the script for a project that will now be announced by the end of the coming week. It's finally moving forward and now that we have our cast, my producer and I stayed up really late last night, fixing the script…Read more Act IV and V

getting back on track

I just heard a rumor that I might be teaching next term. Well, it's not really a rumor, I guess, but more like someone was told something that hasn't been told to me just yet. I don't know. I think it's weird that a stranger heard the news before I did. There's no official word…Read more getting back on track

‘Baby Driver’ is a modern dance on film, an absolute joy to watch (Interaksyon)

The unconventional name aside,┬áBaby Driver is a magnificent display of filmmaking and it's one of the reasons why people enjoy watching movies so much. It's the perfect blend of all the elements that make a good film -- acting, story, direction, camerawork, editing, and music. Simply put, this cannot be done in theater and this…Read more ‘Baby Driver’ is a modern dance on film, an absolute joy to watch (Interaksyon)


I got the e-mail. I was at Cez's place and we were just catching up as I hadn't seen her in more than a week and she has just gotten back from a ten-day trip with her family island hopping in the Visayas. Quite a bit has happened in those ten days and we were…Read more thirteen

things falling into place

So I was chatting with one of my friends in New York because it was his birthday today. Well, it's his birthday today if he were here in the Philippines but it isn't yet his birthday there in New York; so it was quite a funny discussion about time zones. We were talking about a…Read more things falling into place

an exercise in film editing

Yesterday, I spent eight hours working with my Dad and our editor, Jonathan Lindaya, re-editing an old television movie my Dad and Lore Reyes worked on. It was aired back in 1995 and it was cut to a little less than 50 minutes, but they had an original one hour and 51 minute cut for…Read more an exercise in film editing