got a call from Viva

I was in the middle of writing when I got a text from my Tita June Rufino, who works at Viva. She was my dad's manager back when he was still active in the industry and she's a family friend. When dad semi-retired, we haven't heard from Tita June in a while because she's extremely…Read more got a call from Viva


writing like a critic again

Yesterday, I saw a movie in the cinema again. Haven't done that in a while -- two weeks is a long while for me -- and because I didn't want to see Furious 7, I decided to lift my self-imposed ban from reviewing Filipino films, I saw You're My Boss. I put up this self-imposed…Read more writing like a critic again

Mariquina: Takes its Time but Delivers the Goods

I got to see Mariquina last night and I posted my review of it and it's now out on Juice. I'm really, really excited about the three movies I've seen in the Cinemalaya this year. There is a tendency to move away from the over-dramatic now and to do understated work and it's really such…Read more Mariquina: Takes its Time but Delivers the Goods

Cinemalaya 2013: there’s hope for Philippine cinema

So I've been watching a lot of the Cinemalaya movies for this year. I felt bad because I only got to see two films of last year's Cinemalaya. I saw Diablo, which I hated and that won Best Film, if you can believe; and Ang Nawawala by Marie Jamora, which I loved. I understood that…Read more Cinemalaya 2013: there’s hope for Philippine cinema

A Fistful of Love

I don't know why this song just grabbed at me again today. I've been super busy running around the past few days and juggling several writing projects at the same time; each one demanding so much of my time and concentration that I feel like I'm drowning. But I trod on; I soldier on because…Read more A Fistful of Love