for a change

Every time I'm in Bacolod, I always end up picking up one of my old journals and reading through them and getting pissed off and frustrated at how stupid and idiotic I was as a young adult. I was over-emotional, always over-reacting, and I was throwing myself head first into futile situations. Maybe it's the…Read more for a change


This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now

So I should be at the beach and this entry is being written right before I leave the house to meet up with my cousin and my uncle and aunt to ride with them to our little mid-week getaway. I just came from judging a poetry slam at Sev's Cafe in Roxas Boulevard. I heard…Read more This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now

Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)

So, last night, I was hanging out with my Dad and Tito Lore and Jo. We are a sort of family on our own, as we made Sonata together and we work on movies together and so while my Dad is my Dad, in that particular dynamic, I'm also the group's screenwriter. We have grown…Read more Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)