Reviews of Mama and Warm Bodies

So, yeah, it's the fucking love month and the first two films I see to review are in the horror genre. Fuck Valentine's, that's what I say! Well,¬†Warm Bodies¬†does not fall exactly into the horror genre. Sure, there are zombies, but more than being a zombie film, it really is a love story. It's a…Read more Reviews of Mama and Warm Bodies

Chemistry & films to watch for in 2013

I'm writing more articles about film in Juice and that excites me. Of course, we still are thematic and since it is February, the love month, I was asked to write an article about relationships. So, of course, I wrote about romantic films and that the basis of most romantic films is the chemistry between…Read more Chemistry & films to watch for in 2013

seeing Stars on February

2013 has just begun but I am already getting things marked in my calendar. Flying to Iloilo on the 8th of January to give a talk on living with HIV to some nursing students and then, the next day, will be taking the ferry back to Bacolod to hang out with my mom. My friend…Read more seeing Stars on February