Advice (protection)

Ssshhh... not articulate, do not give yourself away; do not reveal, or give up what you know   you do not make yourself vulnerable or open yourself up to their scrutiny they have no right to lay their eyes, fire and brimstone, on your skin, not even your fallen hair or that tear…Read more Advice (protection)

This Heavy Load

The sky is falling and the earth is splitting and we will fall into the chasms created by the ground tearing apart at its seams.   There's nothing to inhale now -- only black smoke and guilt and regret and that never leaves the lungs and we cannot take a breath to scream.   And…Read more This Heavy Load

much ado about marriage

US President Barack Obama made a positive statement the other day about being supportive of gay marriage and it began a shit storm on the Internet about the ramifications of such a powerful world figure giving his support over such a controversial issue. People for it and against it made their voices heard over Twitter…Read more much ado about marriage