radio is fun

So I dropped by the radio station yesterday, Jam 88.3, for Kooky Tuason's program Bigkas Pilipinas. I was guest there alongside Luna Sicat-Cleto and Jam Pascual. We talked about poetry and got to perform our poetry on air. I've actually done radio guestings before, especially for Sam Oh's show in 99.5 RT, back in the…Read more radio is fun


Everything Bends

I almost forgot that this year was the first time I ever attended Metro Manila Pride. It was just six months ago and I totally forgot it was this same year that it happened. And that was one of the best moments of the year for me. That day was filled with so much joy…Read more Everything Bends

I’ve got PRIDE

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever Pride march. I've been out to my family in my teens and I've stopped dodging the questions about my sexual preference as far back as my early twenties. I've relatively lived a life outside of the closet most of my life. And even if I was out and…Read more I’ve got PRIDE