Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Paid For (Team magazine)

So I wrote another piece for Team magazine. I wrote erotica for a five-part sizzling summer stories called SPF -- Short Provocative Fiction -- edited by Apa Agbayani. He called me up and asked me to write something. So I wrote Sometimes You Don't Get What You Paid For. It's very graphic, it's quite racy.…Read more Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Paid For (Team magazine)


… and maybe it isn’t bullying?

I wrote a blog entry the other day called And how is this not bullying? which talks about my discomfort with the whole thing happening in Twitter about slasher fan fiction regarding the candidates' sons. It's been getting read a lot and I think someone saw it and posted it on their Facebook feed, but…Read more … and maybe it isn’t bullying?

Making Love

Has it been so long that I've forgotten the difference between sex and making love?   How do you make love, anyway? Is it in the way I gather the flesh with my tongue; and leave indelible marks on your skin?   When I grip your shoulders, and caress your back as I imprint my…Read more Making Love