Blue (a poem draft)

It got colder on the first week of March, like the sun had somehow retreated back into the darkness of space and the Earth just suddenly shuddered at the ghosting. Could it do that, though, the sun? Just walk off because this blue planet isn't so blue anymore? Who wrote the rules of gravity anyway?…Read more Blue (a poem draft)


Super Typhoon Lando (Super Typhoon Koppu) makes landfall

And yet another super typhoon makes landfall in the Philippines' area of responsibility. Almost every year now, the country gets hit by a super typhoon of massive proportions. The Global Warming/Climate Change denialists can say this isn't at all caused by the amount of pollutants we've put into the air but I'm one to believe…Read more Super Typhoon Lando (Super Typhoon Koppu) makes landfall


So, I started working at ABS-CBN Foundation, under their project The Green Initiative. I keep talking about the new job I have that pays my bills and it's about time that I can talk about it, I guess. So, yeah, I'm with The Green Initiative, which is part of the non-profit and philanthropic arm of…Read more dolphins