… pretend we were just a dream

I'm really in it today. I've always loved this song, especially this version. It's probably my favorite of all the versions, including the Kelly Clarkson one. This version of Just Missed the Train really gets down into the heart of it both vocally and musically. And I'm in it right now. I always thought this…Read more … pretend we were just a dream


Coming Off This Cloud

I kinda met someone two months ago. I totally misunderstood the connection that we had and thought the intensity which we pursued our friendship was something more than it really was. It's the hopeless romantic in me at work, really. I thought that the way with which we really sought out each other when we…Read more Coming Off This Cloud

Lean On Me (Beth Orton & Terry Callier)

I came home yesterday and found myself in a maelstrom of emotions and passionate outcries of fear, anger, and disappointment. Mostly, anyway. There were those around me (figuratively, I'm talking about social media here as well) that were joyful or hopeful or even smug. There was so much emotions and I haven't even begun to…Read more Lean On Me (Beth Orton & Terry Callier)

“The Thin Man” (It begins…)

I'm running out of things to say. I've come to that point in my recuperation and my convalescence that everything is going smooth sailing (thankfully) and everything has become routine. Twice a week, I go to my dialysis and on those days, I eat a really early dinner at around 5pm or 5:30pm. I'm at…Read more “The Thin Man” (It begins…)

when did I have time for all of this?

Since, I don't exactly remember when, I have been writing my poems straight unto my site. I don't write it down on a TextEdit file anymore and go directly unto the website. In the past few years, I've been writing in my head and letting things/thoughts ruminate in my head and when I feel like…Read more when did I have time for all of this?

overflow of emotions (a Typhoon Haiyan post)

I've been slipping in my work in-between checking up on the Typhoon Haiyan relief operations on social media. I can't really focus now as the gravity of the situation is becoming clearer and clearer to me as the hours go by. I cannot completely comprehend the full extent of what just happened and what Typhoon…Read more overflow of emotions (a Typhoon Haiyan post)