any moment now

Happy Easter! I'm really just waiting for news about my scholarship. There's so many things I want to do but can't get it started or done because I have no idea whether I'm staying or going this year. I remember them saying that we would find out by the second week of April but I…Read more any moment now


Keeping in Touch

So, the Easter holidays is upon us and everything is at a standstill here in Manila. Nothing is moving except the revellers at the beach or wherever they escaped to during this long holiday without work. I stayed home. I thought I was going to have work but everything was moved until Saturday so I…Read more Keeping in Touch


Summer is really here now. Surprisingly, we had a bit of typhoon weather last week and there were mini-tornadoes seen circling along the streets. It was quite frightening. It was a totally different experience from typhoon Milenyo a few years back. I was at the fifteenth floor of a condominium and we were buffeted by…Read more beached