sleeping and dreaming

Last night was the first night of good sleep that I got in the past two months. It has been a tough two months. I think I've been saying that often here. The initial rush and momentum that pervaded my return to Manila ended abruptly in the second week of June. A guy I was…Read more sleeping and dreaming

Taking Flight

Last night, I saw Sab Jose take flight. I met Sab during No Filter. She's partners with Toff in The Sandbox Collective and when we were working on No Filter, she handled all the marketing and PR and she was the assistant director and acting coach for the play. We got close, of course, like…Read more Taking Flight

Investing in Myself

Things started to align themselves and it has become kind of clear to me that I've been investing my time and effort in the work of others. That's not a bad thing. I learned so much and have become part and parcel of larger things. I like being a part of a big machine. I…Read more Investing in Myself