last night’s dream

I went to bed at 11pm. I had done errands all day and Mercury in Retrograde hit me pretty hard so I had to do several trips downstairs to get all my printing and scanning done. The printer/scanner that I have here at home was working fine just the other day and then yesterday it…Read more last night’s dream



I agreed to help a good friend, Bia Catbagan, with a passion project of hers. She was thinking of putting together a documentary and she asked to help. It involved interviewing people and she is calling the project Letters to the Future. I interviewed a whole bunch of people and that's as much as I…Read more #wow

TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield

I said before that I should force myself to watch more TED talks because, well, all the TED talks I've seen has really opened my mind and made me better at all the things that I've done. It has given me a bigger perspective in many things and the experience of watching these videos and…Read more TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield