CAST off

So my friends and I did this thing. I was approached late last year by my good friends, Nelsito Gomez and Sarah Facuri. I knew Nels from all the plays that I would watch and saw him perform so many times and gave him rave reviews when I'd write about plays. Sarah, I got to…Read more CAST off

four years as an artist

I was always afraid to call myself an artist when I was younger. I was writing all the time and I definitely had ambitions but I had such high regard for artists and what they do that I was not ever going to call myself one until I felt that I had earned that right.…Read more four years as an artist

Inquirer Conversations “Millennials of APEC”

So I was invited to speak on behalf of the Sandbox Collective's No Filter team at the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Inquirer Conversations this coming Monday. I guess being one of the head writers and the dramaturge for a much-talked-about show all about millennials gives me dramatic insight on the millennial mindset and will help open…Read more Inquirer Conversations “Millennials of APEC”