and more on the ART/ARV shortage in the Philippines

I first wrote about all of this in the previous post: Calling Dr. Ona and the DOH regarding¬†ARV delays. Since the letter of Pozzie Pinoy erupted and had been passed around on the Internet, apparently, the DOH has responded and had this to say (taken from the Twitter of Ryan Edward Chua): What gets to…Read more and more on the ART/ARV shortage in the Philippines


Calling Dr. Ona and the DOH regarding ARV delays

This letter is circulating and it has been sent to me twice today. It's from the blogger Pozzie Pinoy and it's a letter to Dr. Ona of the Department of Health (DOH) to address the delays in the anti-retroviral treatment (ART), which is necessary for the HIV community to stay healthy.In fact, early treatment with…Read more Calling Dr. Ona and the DOH regarding ARV delays

compulsory HIV testing coming soon?

The Department of Health (DOH) just recently announced that they are working out a way to make HIV testing compulsory. It has come to this. And I'm unsure about how to feel about it. Read the article here: Coming Soon: Compulsory HIV-AIDS tests? How do I feel about this? I don't know. In March of…Read more compulsory HIV testing coming soon?

Get Them While They Are Young

I've begun with my HIV advocacy early this year. My last talk was on December 22 or around that time; speaking about my experiences in the Australian-New Zealand Bank in Makati and Eastwood. It was different to do it in a corporate setting -- because these are some of the sectors that we have to…Read more Get Them While They Are Young

Thank you, government (No sarcasm here)

When I saw Dr. Salvana the other day, he shared with me some very good news. I asked about the situation on the Global Fund donations for free HIV medicine to third world countries like ours. The news is that by 2012, they would re-evaluate the contract and the first world countries who donate the…Read more Thank you, government (No sarcasm here)