the last two chapters of 2018

Last Friday night (or the early morning of Saturday, depends on how you look at it), I finished the last segment of the script of the documentary I'm working on. After reading files and files of transcripts of over two months worth of interviews, I've finally been able to cut up all the necessary sound…Read more the last two chapters of 2018


and then something comes…

I have a really bad habit of making pronouncements here on my blog and then, several entries later, I seem to have forgotten them as I report another life event or work situation that completely undermines my previous statements and declarations. I said a few entries ago that after this documentary and movie that I'm…Read more and then something comes…

Good Wolf: A New Breed of Wedding Films (The Spark Project)

Two good friends of mine, Jake Jereza and Bardo Wu, are documentary filmmakers who make short films about queer lives. They do other stuff too, of course, but know they are starting their own business, filming cinematic wedding videos and they need help in building their portfolio and shooting a personal wedding project for a…Read more Good Wolf: A New Breed of Wedding Films (The Spark Project)

and what would you say to your future self?

Last year, I helped out my friend, director Bia Catbagan, on a personal project, a documentary of sorts gathering a group of 20-somethings in Manila and asked them: "What would you say to your future self?" After a year of compiling hours and hours of footage, transcribing, editing, and forming a clear narrative, the film…Read more and what would you say to your future self?


I agreed to help a good friend, Bia Catbagan, with a passion project of hers. She was thinking of putting together a documentary and she asked to help. It involved interviewing people and she is calling the project Letters to the Future. I interviewed a whole bunch of people and that's as much as I…Read more #wow