things falling into place

So I was chatting with one of my friends in New York because it was his birthday today. Well, it's his birthday today if he were here in the Philippines but it isn't yet his birthday there in New York; so it was quite a funny discussion about time zones. We were talking about a…Read more things falling into place


if I may toot my own horn

So my Dad and his constant collaborator, Lore Reyes, got a special feature in High Life. It talks about their career from the beginnings of their partnership, all the way to the present day where my Dad is raging against the consistent omission of Lore Reyes' contribution to the partnership. It's a pretty interesting read,…Read more if I may toot my own horn

settling dust

So things didn't go as planned. As I write these words, I'm starting to think I may have blogged about this a few days before. I think I mentioned it in my entry about cutting my hair. Anyway, things have begun to unfold and I'm feeling more hopeful about how things are going to come…Read more settling dust

work mode on

So I finished my first article of the year. I hope to be able to write more frequently in Juice and really make my work there come out at least twice a week. If not a movie review, write about upcoming films and the like. I'd really like to be more present at the site.…Read more work mode on

Sonata: the Manila Presscon

I'm no stranger to a press conference. I've been to many in the past few years -- as an observer, as part of the organisers, and as part of the press. When I became an HIV advocate, I found myself seated at the table in front and facing the press who then asked me questions.…Read more Sonata: the Manila Presscon

SM Cinemas to only show Filipino films during Sineng Pambansa

The FDCP has announced that only Filipino films will be showing at SM Cinemas during the Sineng Pambansa film festival this coming September 11-17. For one week, 45 malls will only be showing the films showcased at the Sineng Pambansa. That includes the 10 films by the master directors, the feature film of TM Malones,…Read more SM Cinemas to only show Filipino films during Sineng Pambansa