CAST off

So my friends and I did this thing. I was approached late last year by my good friends, Nelsito Gomez and Sarah Facuri. I knew Nels from all the plays that I would watch and saw him perform so many times and gave him rave reviews when I'd write about plays. Sarah, I got to…Read more CAST off

‘Neomanila’ is a powerful film that doesn’t pull its punches (InterAksyon)

I was impressed with Mikhail Red's Rekorder when I saw it at Cinemalaya 2013. It was the first time I saw Manila captured gritty and dirty without it feeling exploitative. In fact, it still looked beautiful despite it being so dangerous and frightening. I missed Birdshot when it came out in the theaters but now I got…Read more ‘Neomanila’ is a powerful film that doesn’t pull its punches (InterAksyon)

Hit the Ground Running

I got to Manila and hit the ground running. I arrived, practically just dumped my luggage at my friend Cez's place, said hello and then rushed off to meet with the other writers of Hanging Out to discuss the changes we were making for the season. We had a deadline to submit episode 3 and…Read more Hit the Ground Running

an exercise in film editing

Yesterday, I spent eight hours working with my Dad and our editor, Jonathan Lindaya, re-editing an old television movie my Dad and Lore Reyes worked on. It was aired back in 1995 and it was cut to a little less than 50 minutes, but they had an original one hour and 51 minute cut for…Read more an exercise in film editing

An interview with This Is Our Youth director Topper Fabregas (

It took me a lot longer to get this article out than I would have liked. Being sick/injured/incapacitated means that I'm not working at peak efficiency. I guess I'm not supposed to be working at all; I mean, isn't that what resting is supposed to mean? Not working? But I can't stand being unproductive and…Read more An interview with This Is Our Youth director Topper Fabregas (

grinding again

No, this is not a post about Grindr. I don't see myself coming back to that app anytime soon, if ever. This is about a project I'm working on that required me to be out of town for a two-day shoot. Through a friend, I landed a project where I get to redesign and reimagine…Read more grinding again

On Fire: A Review of Arbol de Fuego

Arbol de Fuego is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, which I took up in Drama class in college. I remember bits and pieces but forgot it pretty quickly favouring Lysistrata and King Lear and Death of a Salesman, which we also took in class. So I felt a bit comfortable coming into…Read more On Fire: A Review of Arbol de Fuego