a dark cloud hangs above me

So I was chatting with someone just the other day, and we aren't close yet, but we got into a conversation and it just rolled and it was lovely. I really could talk for hours. Even if its just on a messaging app. I'm not particular. There's a kind of language on a messenger app…Read more a dark cloud hangs above me


a little bit lighter

Yesterday was a good day. I went to Glorietta to watch¬†Changing Partners after doing some work in the afternoon with YoungStar. Watching¬†Changing Partners is still work because I have to review it but I loved the play and couldn't wait to see the film version. To my surprise, Sandino Martin was there and a friend…Read more a little bit lighter

sleeping and dreaming

Last night was the first night of good sleep that I got in the past two months. It has been a tough two months. I think I've been saying that often here. The initial rush and momentum that pervaded my return to Manila ended abruptly in the second week of June. A guy I was…Read more sleeping and dreaming

cabin fever

I've been in my apartment for three days and only going out to eat, bring my laundry to the laundry service, and to get stuff I might need for the house. Three days, maybe even more, andI was really suffering major depression. I think you could tell from my posts and if you follow me…Read more cabin fever