Lorde is giving me serious Kate Bush feels

When Lorde released Green Light, I lost my shit. Every bit of that song spoke to me directly. I love the movements within the song. I love how she sings it. When I found out what the song was about, I felt that she was speaking directly to me. I bought the single off of…Read more Lorde is giving me serious Kate Bush feels


Things I’ve Always Wanted: a Kate Bush live album

Over the years, I've discovered that my eclectic musical tastes have always veered primarily to women artists (with the exception of David Bowie, and only lately, Tom Waits). I love my music intense and dramatic and something I can sing along to. And each time I fall in love with a song, I immediately wait…Read more Things I’ve Always Wanted: a Kate Bush live album

“It’s Tom Waits. I’m sure of it.”

I was watching the first season of Peaky Blinders over the weekend with my Dad and at the end of the fifth episode, a powerful scene was punctuated by a very familiar song that I could actually sing along to and my Dad wasn't aware of it (or didn't remember it) and he asked me,…Read more “It’s Tom Waits. I’m sure of it.”

David Bowie tribute

I woke up and saw my friends live tweeting the Grammy awards. I've stopped taking the Grammy awards seriously the moment they nominated the Backstreet Boy's song I Want You That Way for Best Song. Of all the magnificent songs that are put out every year, how could a song that doesn't really mean anything…Read more David Bowie tribute

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) — David Bowie

Trust David Bowie to come out with a new album and make some of the best music coming out in a long while, and wow everyone with a kick-ass video to boot, and extending his musical legacy a whole decade further. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is a single from the album The Next Day, and it's a…Read more The Stars (Are Out Tonight) — David Bowie

Stairway to Heaven and Mother

I was never a huge fan of this song. I liked it, but it was never something I would go out of my way to listen to again. I understood how important Led Zeppelin is to rock music, or to music in general, but it was never my thing. Embarrassingly enough, I liked the cover…Read more Stairway to Heaven and Mother