The other night, I danced again

Team magazine held its third Gay Bar and this time, it was called Stranger Flings. It was at the Ocean's Telephone Company at Forbestown and it was small and intimate at the beginning. Christmas lights were hung up to decorate the place and people were asked to come in 80s fashion. Probably only 5 or…Read more The other night, I danced again

dance, dance, dance

Summer means that all the summer workshops in the various disciplines will be available starting next week after the Easter holidays. I've had my eyes set on Daloy Dance School for the past two months since they moved locations and took a pause in teaching dance classes from February and March. On April 6, they…Read more dance, dance, dance

random musings 3.16.15

Changing Skins So, I've been thinking of changing the lay-out for this blog. I've actually been thinking about it as far back as last year -- thinking I would have the time to do it for the start of 2015, but I just didn't have the time. It wasn't a high priority and family was…Read more random musings 3.16.15