a Father’s Day post

It was Father's Day last Sunday and I got to spend the day with my brother, who is a father, and my own dad, who is in town. We hung out and talked and Datu made a great dinner, as usual, for us. It was wonderful. It was pleasant and it was great to be…Read more a Father’s Day post


My name means ‘Dad’ (Manila Bulletin / Panorama)

An article I wrote came out in today's issue of Manila Bulletin / Panorama for the Father's Day issue. I can't write about my dad anymore and I begged off of it because I've been writing about my father since 2004. But they asked me and I owe the Bulletin so much so I was…Read more My name means ‘Dad’ (Manila Bulletin / Panorama)

Investing in Myself

Things started to align themselves and it has become kind of clear to me that I've been investing my time and effort in the work of others. That's not a bad thing. I learned so much and have become part and parcel of larger things. I like being a part of a big machine. I…Read more Investing in Myself

Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)

So, last night, I was hanging out with my Dad and Tito Lore and Jo. We are a sort of family on our own, as we made Sonata together and we work on movies together and so while my Dad is my Dad, in that particular dynamic, I'm also the group's screenwriter. We have grown…Read more Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)

Coconuts Manila: Working with my dad, Peque Gallaga, who once called my poems “cat farts”

I was asked by a really good friend, someone who I credit to bringing my whole writing career to a new level, to write an article about working with my Dad. I have been asked -- a lot of times -- to write about my Dad in many different magazines and publications, and I have…Read more Coconuts Manila: Working with my dad, Peque Gallaga, who once called my poems “cat farts”