a master of something

I've been really itching and aching to study again. I've become very politicised lately but I don't know how to use my art as an instrument for my politics. At the same time, I don't want to use art merely as a political tool. I still want it to be about craft and telling compelling…Read more a master of something

“Am I Still Cultured?”

The other day, maybe two or three nights ago, I was struck by this overwhelming fear that I might have be too remiss with my reading and that I have, somehow, become less of what I am supposed to be. Here I am, this cultural snob with aspirations for a certain quality of high-mindedness and…Read more “Am I Still Cultured?”

Must Watch: Venus in Fur

This weekend, I'm watching The Necessary Theater's staging of Venus in Fur by David Ives, directed by Bart Guingona and starring David and Jennifer Bianco. Everything about this production and this play appeals to me. I love Bart Guingona's direction, especially after seeing his work with Red and Full Gallop, I'm sure that he is…Read more Must Watch: Venus in Fur