on being “highbrow”

As I'm wrapping the sixth draft of the screenplay I'm working on now, I've come to the realization that I have a hell of a lot to learn when it comes to writing a mainstream narrative. The ins-and-outs of commercial films are not in my creative arsenal. I can appreciate it. Hell. I love a…Read more on being “highbrow”


first day teaching at SHIFT

Today was my first day teaching at SHIFT. With only five students, I felt more in control and I felt like the conditions were better suited for me as a teacher/instructor because I could really get to know each one individually and put my empathy to great use. Teaching scriptwriting, at its core, involves teaching…Read more first day teaching at SHIFT

Advice (protection)

Ssshhh...   ...do not articulate, do not give yourself away; do not reveal, or give up what you know   you do not make yourself vulnerable or open yourself up to their scrutiny they have no right to lay their eyes, fire and brimstone, on your skin, not even your fallen hair or that tear…Read more Advice (protection)

Today, I will listen to the stars

So, yesterday, I open up my daily horoscope from Astrologyzone and find this on my daily horoscope. Now, yes I know I come off as this big Astrology nut -- and I am! I'll admit it -- but I don't really base too many decisions on Astrologyzone. I try to plan with the dates they…Read more Today, I will listen to the stars