No Filter (the book)

I've teased about it, I think. Made mention that we were cooking something up; we being the lovely guys and gals of The Sandbox Collective, the cast and artistic team of No Filter, and Summit Books. And now we can finally talk about it. ​​ It's the main reason why I flew back to Manila. I…Read more No Filter (the book)


still at the thick of things

I'm working on a short film now. And based from my post yesterday, I might have something in Manila that I have half a year to work on that I'm super excited about, and then I have my own personal writing to do. But I also got word yesterday that some artists want to work…Read more still at the thick of things

it never gets old

So here I am again. Opening weekend and this feeling just never gets old, does it? Hanging around the theater lobby and listening in to the conversations of our audience before the show, at intermission, and after the show; trying to get tidbits of information to find out what they think, if they are talking…Read more it never gets old

if I may toot my own horn

So my Dad and his constant collaborator, Lore Reyes, got a special feature in High Life. It talks about their career from the beginnings of their partnership, all the way to the present day where my Dad is raging against the consistent omission of Lore Reyes' contribution to the partnership. It's a pretty interesting read,…Read more if I may toot my own horn

dance, dance, dance

Summer means that all the summer workshops in the various disciplines will be available starting next week after the Easter holidays. I've had my eyes set on Daloy Dance School for the past two months since they moved locations and took a pause in teaching dance classes from February and March. On April 6, they…Read more dance, dance, dance

falling into place

Everything seems to be falling into place, and it's weird, because I thought I was lost and adrift at sea. Last year, I lost myself and barely did anything. T'yanak just sort of fell on my lap and I'm forever grateful for having been able to be given a chance to write that film, but it…Read more falling into place