Same Drugs (Chance the Rapper cover) by Misterwives

I found Misterwives through Spotify radio. I was listening to something, I can't remember what anymore, and when the album had ended (I am listening to full albums again) Spotify went straight to album radio and a Misterwives song came on. It was Machine and I loved it. I put it on a playlist and…Read more Same Drugs (Chance the Rapper cover) by Misterwives


Why (Alan Cumming cover)

I woke up the other day with thoughts about Cabaret. I've always played around with an idea of doing a modernist adaptation of the play using the exact same play but setting it in modern times with the new symbols of fascistic/fundamental iconography to replace the Nazi rise depicted in the play. In this version, Sally…Read more Why (Alan Cumming cover)

Human Behavior (Bjork cover by Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

If you ever get close to a human and human behaviour be ready, be ready to get confused -- Human Behavior by Bjork Right now, it's like all the dark energies and disappointments and savagery of this whole year has collected as it pushes closer to the year's end. I wonder what it is going to be…Read more Human Behavior (Bjork cover by Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

Extra! Extra! Cover detail for my upcoming E-Book

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've got big news coming this July. One them is No Filter, the play I'm working on with The Sandbox Collective as a Dramaturg, but I think it is time to reveal the other big thing that's going to happen for me when the second half of the…Read more Extra! Extra! Cover detail for my upcoming E-Book

Pure Shores (All Saints & London Grammar)

As you are reading this, I'm on my way to the beach. It's my first beach trip for 2015 and I hope that this is one of so many that I'll be taking this year. If you really know me, you'll know that the beach is where I return to my neutral state and recharge.…Read more Pure Shores (All Saints & London Grammar)