Praying — Kesha (YouTube)

I don't remember when it was that I fell in love with some of Kesha's songs. I know, for a fact, that it was We R Who We R that I first really got into. It was the gateway to listening to all the other songs she has and while I don't love all of…Read more Praying — Kesha (YouTube)

getting busy again

Haven't had time to post because I've just been all over the place. Work has been steady, which is good, and I'm not complaining. Lots of shows coming up and I got to see a Unearthing, a work-in-progress by Ea Torrado with members of the Daloy Dance Company for Karnabal Festival, and followed it up…Read more getting busy again

dance, dance, dance

Summer means that all the summer workshops in the various disciplines will be available starting next week after the Easter holidays. I've had my eyes set on Daloy Dance School for the past two months since they moved locations and took a pause in teaching dance classes from February and March. On April 6, they…Read more dance, dance, dance

Livewires: Catch These Shows (

By the end of 2014, I was suffering from information overload. I was in Europe for 55 days and I came home to The Imaginarium and caught as many shows as I could, some days I caught two or three shows, and I had to process all of these as quickly as I could and…Read more Livewires: Catch These Shows (

I didn’t know I could do a back roll

Yesterday, I went back to dance class at the Daloy Dance School. It was the first Saturday Adult Beginner's Contemporary class for 2015 with our teacher Jared Luna. This is something I really want to bring with me from the previous year and hope to continue on a weekly basis (if possible) throughout the year,…Read more I didn’t know I could do a back roll

movement with Daloy Dance Company

I'm a dance nut. I've always been since I was a little kid. I'd put on CDs in our living room sound system and dance to musicals and film scores that my Dad had and would just dance for hours. My parents asked me at ten years old if I wanted to take dance class…Read more movement with Daloy Dance Company

5 days offline

I had no internet connection at home since Thursday. I almost went mad. I wanted to write about so many things. I wanted to blog and to do research. I attended the Imaginarium, the multi-arts festival of the absurd, and had a grand, grand time. I watched two to three shows per day and was…Read more 5 days offline