I slept late last night. I fell into a black hole just refreshing my Twitter feed on updates about the shooting at Orlando, where so many members of the LGBTQ community were exercising their right to have a good time. Approximately 50 dead. Over 50 people injured, many in critical condition. I fell into the…Read more P R I D E

The Price of Intimacy (Out Magazine)

I just read this article from Out Magazine called The Price of Intimacy: The Time I Hired a Sex Worker by Andrew Gurza. It was quite powerful. It sort of framed the notion of intimacy in such a way that wasn't shameful, the way we are programmed to think it is because of all the…Read more The Price of Intimacy (Out Magazine)

John Oliver on Sex Education (YouTube)

Because sex education is very, very important and no matter how much people want to avoid the topic, I'm sorry but it is something that needs to be taught in school because there are so many parents who aren't teaching it correctly and the majority of kids don't want to talk about sex with their…Read more John Oliver on Sex Education (YouTube)