now connected

Today, they installed the internet at my place. I won't have to go out anymore to coffee shops with erratic internet access just to work and download large files. I don't have to go to coffee shops or friend's places just to update the apps of my phone and my computer. I can now work…Read more now connected

a stranger called me awesome last night

I stayed home all of Thursday because I was fighting the flu. I rarely get it but when it comes, I'm already aware of it and I know exactly what to do. I stay home, I stay in bed, I eat and drink a lot of water, and I cover myself up and let my…Read more a stranger called me awesome last night

Coming Off This Cloud

I kinda met someone two months ago. I totally misunderstood the connection that we had and thought the intensity which we pursued our friendship was something more than it really was. It's the hopeless romantic in me at work, really. I thought that the way with which we really sought out each other when we…Read more Coming Off This Cloud

three years later

It was a friend's birthday yesterday, so I went online and opened Facebook so I could check our "friendship" on Facebook and see what photo I could use to post for her birthday greeting. As I was going through the photos on our shared timeline, I saw a post that she shared on my wall…Read more three years later

a genuinely profound moment

Last night, on my way home, I felt the need to write a Twitter poem. Anything really, because I just felt that I had experienced a genuinely profound moment. I haven't written a Twitter poem in a while, all my metaphors are repeating themselves and I've been in the same state for quite awhile now…Read more a genuinely profound moment