a temporary poetry embargo

I know I use this space to put out poem drafts that I'm currently working on. I think that its good to give a poem some breath, a chance at life, before going back to fixing it. Leaving it in a document folder in my laptop just doesn't seem to give it necessary wings. Many…Read more a temporary poetry embargo

no exit here

There is a poetry competition that I took interest in. I don't really take too much stock on competitions because I know that it's really just based on certain individuals aesthetics -- but I figured I needed to win some if I was going to get any sort of credibility and to help get more…Read more no exit here

Building the Collection

Just the other day, I got an e-mail from one of the journals┬áthat I sent poems to for publication. They told me they are going to publish my work (both poems) and I'm overjoyed about it. These poems are two of my strongest Instagram poems but they have been edited and refined. I fixed the…Read more Building the Collection