Hanging Out — episode 2 teaser

The Christmas feeling hit me only on the 24th and I've been rolling with it ever since, hence the lack of updates. Quite sorry about that. When the 26th came, it was over but I went straight to the movies to catch the Metro Manila Film Festival movies that were showing at the cinema. As…Read more Hanging Out — episode 2 teaser


Love Came Down at Christmas (Shawn Colvin)

We actually prepared way ahead of time for our Christmas Eve dinner. Since it's just going to be my parents, my brother, and myself celebrating this year, we simplified everything and we got a head start. The chickens have been stuffed and we just need to throw it into the oven to start baking. The…Read more Love Came Down at Christmas (Shawn Colvin)

It doesn’t feel like Christmas

In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas as early as possible. As early as September, some shops set aside a corner for Christmas decorations and possible gift options. By October, some people are already slowly taking out the holiday trimmings out of the box and getting it ready. Some homes have their decors up already halfway…Read more It doesn’t feel like Christmas

Four days to Christmas

It still shocks me that it's just four days to Christmas. It seems that Christmas, for me anyway, has been mostly about going to various Christmas parties, rushing to the mall and fighting the crowds to buy the very little Christmas gifts that I can afford to give out, facing Christmas rush traffic, and then…Read more Four days to Christmas

ghosts of love’s past

So, for some reason or another, my laptop couldn't connect to my home wifi network and I was shut out for a couple of days. At least it kept me from whining and complaining online but I would have liked to have attempted to write some poetry drafts, at least. But the days have been…Read more ghosts of love’s past